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Finance Committee: 

Finance Terms of Reference

Cllr Sonia Watson – Chair

Cllr Waine Lawton

Cllr Chris Corcoran

Cllr Angela Forder-Stent

Cllr Chris Mitchell

Cllr Richard Sellars : Vice-Chair


2017/18 Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes

11th May  Draft minutes 11 May 2017 v3

14th September

12th October

11th January

8th March


2016/17 Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes

9th June – Approved-Finance-Committee-minutes-9-June-2016

15th September – Finance Committee Minutes 15 Sept 2016

10th October – Revised Date Approved Finance Committee Minutes 10 October 2016

16th March Draft Minutes for Finance Committee of 16th March 2017

2015/16 Minutes

[Some of these are being located and will be added shortly]

11th June – Finance Minutes June 2015

1st October – Draft Finance Minutes Oct15

5th November Finance MinutesNov15

18th February 2016 –

2014/15 Minutes

13th March – Finance Minutes March 2014

9th October – Finance Minutes 9Oct14

20th November – Finance MinutesNov14

26th Feb* – Finance Agenda Feb 15

[ * Minutes will be located and added shortly]

2013 Minutes

Finance Minutes June 2013

Finance Minutes October 2013

Finance Minutes November 2013