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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares a budget for each financial year and submits the budget for approval to the Full Council Meeting no later than January each year. All financial requirements and reserves are managed in line with the Council’s Financial Regulations. All legal matters pertaining to leases, mortgage, insurance claims, insurance cover, damage to property, vehicle insurance and debt recovery are dealt with.

Finance Terms of Reference

Finance Committee: 

Cllr Stephanie West – Chair

Cllr Waine Lawton

Cllr Chris Corcoran

Cllr Angela Forder-Stent

Cllr Chris Mitchell

Cllr Richard Sellars : Vice-Chair


2017/18 Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes

11th May  – APPROVED MINUTES FINANCE 11th May 2017

12th October – APPROVED MINUTES FINANCE 12th October 2017

9th November – APPROVED MINUTES FINANCE 9th November 2017

11th November  – DRAFT Finance Committee Minutes 11th January 2018

8th March


2016/17 Meeting Dates, Agenda and Minutes

9th June – Approved-Finance-Committee-minutes-9-June-2016

15th September – Finance Committee Minutes 15 Sept 2016

10th October – Revised Date Approved Finance Committee Minutes 10 October 2016

16th March Draft Minutes for Finance Committee of 16th March 2017


2015/16 Minutes

[Some of these are being located and will be added shortly]

11th June – Finance Minutes June 2015

1st October – Draft Finance Minutes Oct15

5th November Finance MinutesNov15

18th February 2016 –


2014/15 Minutes

13th March – Finance Minutes March 2014

9th October – Finance Minutes 9Oct14

20th November – Finance MinutesNov14

26th Feb* – Finance Agenda Feb 15

[ * Minutes will be located and added shortly]


2013 Minutes

Finance Minutes June 2013

Finance Minutes October 2013

Finance Minutes November 2013