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Planning – Agendas, minutes and planning updates

The Parish Council discuss and review applications at their monthly planning meetings normally held in the Gilbert Room at the Parish Hall. They normally meet on the first Thursday of the month.


If you wish to see an up to date list of applications and decisions please follow this link to the South Downs National Park Planning webpage.

Twyford Planning applications – Link to SDNP Planning


Planning Committee

Planning Terms of Reference

Planning Committee:

Cllr Chris Mitchell – Chair

Cllr Richard Sellars

Cllr Waine Lawton

Cllr Chris Corcoran

Cllr Jade Cornwall

Cllr Angela Forder-Stent

Cllr Stephanie West

Cllr Ian Wheeler


2017/18 Meeting Dates, Agenda or Minutes

6th April, Approved Minutes for 6th April 2017

4th May,  DRAFT Minutes for 4th May 2017 .

8th June, 8th June 2017 Draft Planning Minutes

6th July DATE BROUGHT FORWARD TO 29th JUNE DRAFT Planning Minutes 29th June 2017

20th July Additional meeting 2017.07.20 Planning Minutes 20th July

3rd August Draft Planning Minutes 3rd August

7th September 07.09.17 Planning Minutes – DRAFT

5th October 05.10.17 Planning Minutes – DRAFT

2nd November 02.11.17 planning minutes draft

7th December, CANCELLED – no applications received


4th January,

1st February,

1st March.


2016/17 Meeting Dates, Agenda or Minutes

7th January – Planning minutes January 2016

4th February- Planning minutes Feb 16

3rd March –  Planning minutes March 2016

5th April – Planning minutes 7 April 2016 

5th May – Planning Committee minutes 5 May 2016

2nd June – Planning Committee Minutes June 2016

7th July – Planning Committee minutes for 7 July 2016

4th August – Planning Committee minutes for 4 August 2016

1st September – Minutes-for-Planning-Committee-1-Sept-2016

8th September Minutes-for-extraordinary-Planning-Committee-8-Sept-2016

6th October – Minutes-for-Planning-Committee-6-October-2016

3rd November – Minutes-for-Planning-Committee-3rd-November-2016

1st December – Minutes for Planning Committee 1st December 2016

8th December – Minutes for Planning Committee 8th December 2016

5th January 2017 – Published Minutes for Planning Committee 5th Jan 2017

2nd February 2017 – Published Minutes for Planning Committee 2nd Feb 2017

2nd March 2017 – Draft Minutes for 2nd March 2017


2015 Meeting Minutes

5th January – Planning Minutes Jan15

5th March – Planning Minutes March 2015

7th May – Planning Minutes May 2015

4th June – Planning Minutes June 2015

2nd July –  Planning Minutes July 2015

11th August –Planning Minutes Aug 2015

3rd September – Planning Minutes Sept 2015

1st October –  Planning Minutes Oct 15

5th November – Planning Minutes Nov 15

3rd December –  Planning Minutes Dec 15


Meeting Minutes: 2014/15

6th Feb –  Planning minutes 

6th March – Planning Minutes 

3rd April – Planning Minutes 3rd Apr14

5th May – Planning Minutes 1st May 2014

3rd June –Planning Minutes 1st June 2014

3rd July – Planning Minutes 3rd July 2014

10th July – Planning Minutes 10th July 2014 

14th August – Cancelled

4th Sept – Cancelled

2nd October – Planning Minutes 2Oct14

6th November –Planning Minutes Nov14

4th December –Planning Minutes Dec14


2013 Minutes

Minutes December 2013

Minutes November 2013

Minutes September 2013

Minutes August 2013

Minutes July 2013

Minutes June 2013

Minutes May 2013