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We want this website to be useful to everyone who visits it, but particularly to those living and working in the parish. If you have a correction, omission, suggestion, or anything to say about the website, please leave a comment on this page below. If it is private or urgent, please contact the Parish Clerk.


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  1. Trevor & Ruth


    Is there a possibility for a page to link to twyford business websites

    Also as an amenity Hare Farm welcomes visits from anyone to see and touch our animals and ask questions even if they do not spend with us

    apart from the poultry new lambs will be born soon


    Trevor & Ruth

    1. Alan Meikle

      Hello Trevor and Ruth, I have now copied the business page of the old web site over to the new. This includes the entry for Hare Farm.

  2. Christine Hill Twyford WI President

    Twyford WI, which has been running in the village since 1917, is not listed on the new website. It was listed on the old website.The link to the Twyford WI on the WI website is:
    Please could this be added in on the new website. The Twyford WI meets on the second Monday in every month at 7.30 in the Twyford Parish Hall excluding August. The President is Christine Hill 01962 713601 and more information can be obtained by looking on the WI website under Twyford WI or telephoning Christine Hill for further information.

    1. Alan Meikle

      Hi Chris, I have made your changes to the WI entry on the new web site. Best wishes

  3. Joe Marshall

    Hi, the link to Twyford police returns a page not found error. I’d like to know any way to contact the local team.

    1. Alan Meikle

      Hello Joe, Thanks for the comment, I’ll remove the broken link. If you click on the Hampshire Police link and then Comtact your Local Team you can find your way there. This link will get the info you possibly need.
      Alan Meikle

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