Hunter Park footpaths

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of work going on at Hunter Park including the surfacing of footpaths which wil make the park more accessible for all. 

It is very much ‘work in progress’ and there are still some minor works that the contractors are attending to. The path through the woodland area, has had a base laid down, using material recycled from the old basketball court and is due to be fully compacted and surfaced by volunteers in the next few weeks. 

The footpaths have different materials used. The area near the car park and allotments has a coarse compacted gravel sub base with a fine layer of material known as Breedon Golden Amber Gravel which is a self binding gravel – a mixture of stones from 12mm in size down to dust and contains a high amount of marl – which forms a solid layer suitable for pedestrian use all year round. A similar material, but slightly more coarse, will be used in the woodland path and on top of the recycled hoggin material  which has recently been laid down in the area.  

The section of path at the top of the embankment near the football pitch uses a more coarse material which has been compacted down but remains slightly loose to allow for the inevitable movement that the ground will have in this location due to the tree roots. 

With some good weather ahead, and material deliveries being on time,  we expect the works to have all been completed by mid March.  We’ve had lots of positive comments so far which is very encouraging.  You can send feedback to the Council at

You can find out more about enhancement plans at Hunter Park at