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Twyford Parish Council (TPC)

What is the Parish Council?

Twyford Parish Council is governed by local volunteer residents, and run by the Parish Clerk, Jo Nicholson who works part time, but can be contacted about local parish facilities – as can the individual Councillors. The Parish Council has limited powers, but can influence other bodies. There is a good overview of what a Parish Council can do on Wikipedia. You can get an idea of the parish boundary from this PDF from Hampshire County Council.

Twyford Parish Council meets regularly, with most full council and its committee meetings taking place in the Gilbert Room of the Parish Hall, and on occasion at the Pavillion in Hunter Park. Minutes of meetings are available. For all dates, please see the Full Parish Council page of the website.


The Council operates under the Twyford Parish Council standing orders

Twyford Parish Council Standing-Orders -June -2016

The Parish Council Members have adopted the following Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct June 2016

The Parish Council undertakes periodic Financial Risk Assessments

Twyford Parish Council Financial Risk Assessment as at 31 Dec 2016

Meeting dates for the Full Parish Council during 2017 and early 2018 are:

2017: 19 January, 23 February,  23 March, 20 April, 25 May, 22 June, 6 and 20 July, 3rd August, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November; and 14 December.

2018: 25 January, 15 February, 15 March


The Annual Parish Assembly 2017 was held on Wednesday 10 May 2017  in the Parish Hall from 7.30pm

2017 Draft Minutes – TWYFORD ANNUAL PARISH ASSEMBLY 2017 Published on Website

Reports received for the Annual parish meeting 2017 are published below:

Chairman’s Report – 2017 Annual Parish Assembly

HCC Councillor – Rob Humby

WCC Councillor Richard Izard – May 2017 report

ADD Presentation to Twyford 10 May 17

WI Report for APA 2017

Twyford Waterworks Trust

Twyford Social Club APA May 2017 Update

One Acorn

Report for Parish Assembly May 2017 – Good Neighbours

2017 Annual Parish Assembly Report TSM Primary

PCC201 – Friends oSM APM Appeal

For information about the 2016 meeting please see below:

The draft minutes were approved by the May 2017 meeting

Draft Minutes – Parish Assembly 2016



The Accounting statements for 2016/17 were approved on 25th May 2017.

The accounts have been audited and the conclusion of the audit and the financial statements are available to view.

BDO External Audit Notice of Conclusion of Audit

2017 Annual governance statement 2016 2017 (section 1)

2017 Accounting statements 2016 2017 (section 2)

2017 External auditor report and certificate (section 3)

BDO External Audit Issues Arising



Exercise of Public Rights of Inspection of Financial Records

The response of YES to each of the Governance Statements for 2015/16 was approved by the Full Council on 16 June 2016. Information about the Council’s accounts can be found below and more detail is on the Finance Committee section of this website.

Report of the Internal Auditor

Twyford Parish Council Internal Audit Statement 2015-16

Section 1 Governance Statement

Signed Governance Statement 2015-16

The Accounting Statements for 2015/16 attached below were approved by the Full Council on 16th June 2016 following an internal audit, but they were changed to make adjustments required by the external audit.

Section 2- Accounting Statements for 2015-16

2nd-Amended-Financial-Statement 2015-2016

Section 3 – External Audit Certificate for 2015 – 2016

Section-3-External-Audit-Certificate 2015 – 2016

Notice of Completion of Audit and related sections 1,2,3

Notice-of-conclusion-of-audit-and-related-papers-Statements 1-2-3 for 2015-2016


Twyford Parish Councillors:


Parish Councillor Oversees, and membership of local organisations.
Cllr Waine Lawton(Chair)

01962 713310

Chair of Full Council
Cllr Chris Mitchell (Vice-Chair)

01962 713934

Chair of Planning Committee

Vice-Chair of Full Council

Cllr Stephanie West


Chair of Finance


Cllr Jade Cornwall Representative on Parish Hall Management Committee & Patient Participation Group
Cllr Sue Cook (and Wichester City Council

07884 111916

WCC Planning

Parish representative: Twyford Waterworks Trust

Cllr Chris Corcoran

01962 712951

Parish oversight: Neighbourhood Plan

Parish representative: Berry Meadows and Twyford Meads Advisory Committee

Cllr Angela Forder-Stent

01962 712443

Parish representative: Patient Participation Group & Nursing Association
Cllr Richard Sellars

07834 355661

Parish oversight: Footpaths


Cllr Steve Pullen


Member of Planning Committee
Cllr Ian Wheeler

01962 711879

Chair of Recreation

Parish oversight: Transport

Parish Representative: Parish Hall Committee & Patient Participation Group.


Parish Clerk to Twyford Parish Council:

Jo Nicholson

PO Box 741, Winchester. SO23 3QA

Telephone: 07443 598464



Advisory Committees

Access, Road & Transport:  Ian Wheeler
Berry Meadow & Twyford Meads:  Chris Corcoran, Chris Mitchell, Sue Cook, Richard Sellars


The Parish Council is represented on other organisations as follows:
Parish Hall: Sonia Watson, Ian Wheeler, Jade Cornwall
Patient Participation Group: Angela Forder-Stent,  Jade Cornwall, Ian Wheeler
Twyford Nurses Trust: Angela Forder-Stent
Twyford Waterworks Trust: Sue Cook
Winchester Association of Parish & Town Councils: Angela Forder-Stent, Chris Corcoran

Special Responsibilities:
Environmental Issues:  
Footpaths: Richard Sellars
Water Watch: David Sullivan (by co-option)
Web Site Management: Clerk – Jo Nicholson

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan – Technical Advisory Committee: Chris Corcoran (Please also see the separate website for detailed information about preparation for the Plan).

See also: Twyford’s emergency flood plan


Local government for Twyford

Twyford is under four different local authorities:

Twyford is within the consituency of Steve Brine MP, Member of Parliament for Winchester & Chandlers Ford.

Policing & anti-social behaviour

Hampshire Constabulary have a local neighbourhood team for Colden Common & Twyford that are very accessible and friendly; they meet regularly with residents and representatives, and respond to local needs as they arise in addition to patrolling and attending village events. If you’d like to meet them to discuss police priorities in the area you can attend a ‘surgery’, or give them a call (details for both on their website above).

Twyford comes under Bishops Waltham police station so see if you can speak to our PCSO Steven Sharp or Sergeant Stuart Gilmour

Winchester City Council also run a Neighborhood Wardens team who can provide support over anti-social behaviour such as littering, fly-tipping or graffiti.


The planning authority for Twyford is the South Downs National Park Authority; the planning section of their website contains details of applications (if you search for ‘Twyford’ you should see all open applications). The SDNP Authority delegates the planning matters to Winchester City Council, but reviews any ‘strategic’ applications or issues. Twyford Parish Council (TPC) also has a planning committee that meet regularly and review every application within the parish boundary. TPC has no direct authority over planning matters, but any formal representations must be considered – and the Parish Council can often make use of local knowledge to feed back on plans. For more information please see the separate Planning Committee page.

Planning Committee

What does it do?

The Planning Committee of the Parish Council reviews planning applications in the Twyford area and may make comments to the planning authority. The South Downs National Park (SDNP) is the statutory Planning Authority for Twyford, however the Local Planning Department of Winchester City Council is responsible for the day to day processing and determination of the great majority of planning applications.

Applications may be viewed on the SDNP web site here – put “Twyford” in the search box..

Depending on the timing of planning application deadlines, discussions may be at a planning sub-committee meeting or a full committee meeting.

Planning applications for Twyford are determined by the South Down National Park (SDNP) who currently sub-contract most to Winchester City Council planning department.

More info:

Recreation Committee

What does it do?

The Recreation sub-committee of the Parish Council takes care of Hunter Park and Allotments and Northfields Play Area. The committee holds periodic meetings with sports clubs and other users of Hunter Park Playing Fields.

Minutes of Recreation Committee meetings may be seen here

More info:

Finance Committee

What does it do?

The Finance Committee prepares a budget for each financial year and submits the budget for approval to the Full Council Meeting no later than January each year. All financial requirements and reserves are managed in line with the Council’s Financial Regulations. All legal matters pertaining to leases, mortgage, insurance claims, insurance cover, damage to property, vehicle insurance and debt recovery are dealt with.

More info:

      • Minutes
      • Terms of reference