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Parish Councillors


Parish Councillor Oversees, and membership of local organisations.
Cllr Waine Lawton(Chair) 01962 713310
Chair of Full Council
Cllr Chris Mitchell (Vice-Chair) 01962 713934
Chair of Planning Committee

Vice-Chair of Full Council

Cllr Stephanie West Chair of Finance
Cllr Ian Wheeler 01962 711879
Chair of Recreation

Parish oversight: Transport

Parish Representative: Parish Hall Committee & Patient Participation Group.

Cllr Jade Pain Representative on Parish Hall Management Committee & Patient Participation Group
Cllr Sue Cook (and Winchester City Council 07884 111916
WCC Planning

Parish representative: Twyford Waterworks Trust

Cllr Chris Corcoran 01962 712951
Parish oversight: Neighbourhood Plan

Parish representative: Berry Meadows and Twyford Meads Advisory Committee

Cllr Angela Forder-Stent 01962 712443
Parish representative: Patient Participation Group & Nursing Association
Cllr Richard Sellars 07834 355661
Parish oversight: Footpaths
Cllr Steve Pullen 07478 800272
Member of Recreation Committee

Website author


Advisory Committees

Access, Road & Transport:  Ian Wheeler

Berry Meadow & Twyford Meads:  Chris Corcoran, Chris Mitchell, Sue Cook, Richard Sellars


The Parish Council is represented on other organisations as follows:

Parish Hall: Sonia Watson, Ian Wheeler, Jade Cornwall

Patient Participation Group: Angela Forder-Stent,  Jade Cornwall, Ian Wheeler

Twyford Nurses Trust: Angela Forder-Stent

Twyford Waterworks Trust: Sue Cook

Winchester Association of Parish & Town Councils: Angela Forder-Stent, Chris Corcoran

Special Responsibilities:

Footpaths: Richard Sellars
Water Watch: David Sullivan (by co-option)
Web Site Management: Clerk – Jo Nicholson and Steve Pullen

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan – Technical Advisory Committee: Chris Corcoran (Please also see the separate website for detailed information about preparation for the Plan).

See also: Twyford Flood Emergency Document



Parish Clerk to Twyford Parish Council:

Jo Nicholson
PO Box 741, Winchester. SO23 3QA
Telephone: 07443 598464