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There are a few Twyford specific Facebook pages. Here are a couple that are open to anybody and do not require you to subscribe to them to be able to see the content. There are other Twyford Facebook sites available, just search for them.

Twyford (Hants) Residents

This is a very popular and friendly Facebook site with lots of useful postings on a very regular basis. Click on the following link to access this site: Twyford (Hants) Residents

Twyford Pictures

Several Twyford residents have been out taking photographs of the village and local scenes whilst out on their daily exercise walk. Click on the following link to access this site: Twyford Pictures

Contacting the Parish Council

Contact details for the Clerk and Councillors are on the Parish Councillors page.

Twyford Information System TIS

This service (also known as TIE, Twyford Information Emails) has been set up by Twyford Parish Council using to send out emails about village events and meetings. Administration and moderation of messages is carried out by village volunteers.

If you wish to REGISTER for this service please click HERE

The service is for local public notices and meetings, social events and local charitable fundraising. The service does not cover commercial adverts, lost & found, buy & sell or national charities. They all have their own means of advertising.

A link to an ARCHIVE of previous Information Emails can be found at the end of each email. Note that if you have set your email account not to show images, you will need to click the ‘download images’  link to show the footer.

Downloading images may also be necessary to view the content of some messages.