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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee of the Parish Council reviews planning applications in the Twyford area and may make comments to the Local Planning Authority.

The South Downs National Park (SDNPA) is the statutory Local Planning Authority (LPA) for Twyford however, under an agreement with the SDNPA, the planning department of Winchester City Council is responsible for the day to day processing and determination of the great majority of planning applications.

Depending on the timing of planning application deadlines, discussions may be at a planning sub-committee meeting or a full committee meeting.

Twyford Planning applications – Link to SDNP Planning

Planning Committee:

Cllr. Waine Lawton – Chairman 
Cllr. Chris CorcoranCllr. Steve Pullen
Cllr. Chris HillCllr. Sue Cook
Ex-offico: Cllr. Chris MitchellEx-offico: Cllr. Richard Sellars
Reserve: Cllr. Angela Forder-Stent

Planning Committee Meetings 2023 / 2024

15th June 2023Minutes
6th July 2023Minutes
7th September 2023Cancelled
5th October 2023Minutes
2nd November 2023Minutes
1st February 2024Minutes
7th March 2024Cancelled
4th April 2024Minutes
2nd May 2024Draft Minutes

Planning Committee Meetings 2022 / 2023

9th June 2022Minutes
7th July 2022Cancelled 
7th September 2022AgendaMinutes
6th October 2022AgendaMinutes
3rd November 2022AgendaMinutes
1st December 2022AgendaMinutes
5th January 2023AgendaMinutes
2nd February 2023AgendaMinutes
2nd March 2023AgendaMinutes
6th April 2023

4th May 2023


Planning Committee Meetings 2021 / 2022

10th June 2021AgendaMinutes
8th July 2021AgendaMinutes
26th August 2021AgendaMinutes
7th October 2021AgendaMinutes
4th November 2021AgendaMinutes
9th December 2021Agenda Minutes
13th January 2022AgendaMinutes
3rd February 2022AgendaMinutes
6th April 2022AgendaMinutes
5th May 2022AgendaMinutes

Planning Committee Meetings 2020 / 2021

2nd April 2020Minutes
7th May 2020Minutes
4th June 2020Minutes
2nd July 2020Minutes
10th September 2020Minutes
8th October 2020Minutes
5th November 2020Minutes
3rd December 2020Minutes
7th January 2021Minutes
4th February 2021Minutes
4th March 2021Minutes
1st April 2021Minutes

Planning Committee Meetings 2019 / 2020

4th April 2019Minutes  
9th May 2019Minutes  
6th June 2019Cancelled  
4th July 2019Minutes  
 SOU Stage 1B Initial Workshop Presentation


SOU Stage 1B Initial Workshop Presentation (002) 

5th September 2019Minutes  
3rd October 2019Minutes  
7th November 2019Minutes  
5th December 2019Minutes  
9th January 2020Minutes  
6th February 2020Cancelled  
12th March 2020Minutes  
2nd April 2020Minutes