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Twyford Allotments

Panorama of Twyford allotments taken during the 2nd week of the coronavirus shutdown in April 2020

Allotments have been in existence for hundreds of years and originally land was given to the labouring poor to grow food. The system as we know it today dates back to 1908 when a duty was placed on Local Authorities to provide land. This was strengthened by various acts but the most important one was in 1925 which established that local authorities are not allowed to sell off land without Ministerial Consent.

As far as Twyford is concerned the allotment site is in Park Lane alongside Hunter Park has been used since 1911 by the Parish Council for providing allotments

Twyford Parish Council have about 30 allotment gardens on this site of various sizes; the largest being 249 sq. metres and the smallest 57 sq. metres.

Allotment holders pay rent annually based on the size of the plot and this is set by the Parish Council. This rent covers water supply charges, general maintenance and administration. Holders have to sign an tenancy agreement with the Parish Council.

Allotment holders are expected to keep their plots tidy and cultivated; failure to do so could mean withdrawal of the use of the plot. You can find out more about what is required and the time commitments in  Allotment Gardens Guidance.

You must live within the parish of Twyford to be eligible to be an allotment tenant. If you would like to go the waiting list (16 applicants as of July 2023) or require more information, please contact

Winter seed heads

Winter greens

Winter leeks


Celebration of long term allotment holders