Hunter Park – The History

Hunter Park is owned and managed by Twyford Parish Council.

The western section of the park is land which was a gift to the Parish Council by Mr Hunter, hence the name of the park.

Mr Hunter made this gift in August 1962 and the land was added to existing land already owned by the Parish Council to create the large park we know today.

Under the terms of the gift, the Parish Council is required to ensure perpetual use of the land for the public use of exercise and recreation pursuant to the provisions of the Physical Training And Recreation Act 1937.  That means the Council can use the land for any or all of the following:

“…for the purpose of gymnasiums, playing fields, swimming baths or bathing places, holiday camps or camping sites, or for the purpose of centres for the use of clubs, societies or organisations having athletic, social or educational objects, and may manage those lands and buildings themselves, either with or without a charge for the use thereof or admission thereto, or may let them, or any portion thereof, at a nominal or other rent to any person, club, society or organisation for use for any of the purposes aforesaid.”

The terms of the gift also specifically prohibit the construction of any “dwelling house” a house used as private home. 

The park was officially opened by Lord Ashburton on the 25th April 1964 and currently has formal facilities for tennis, cricket, football, exercise, ball sports and children’s play. 

Hunter Park – Deed of Gift

Hunter Park – Deed of Gift