Safer Roads Review – High Street & Finches Lane

    Hampshire County Council has carried out a Safer Roads review of road signs and markings through the High Street and Finches Lane, Twyford.

    Drawings showing proposed changes are available for public review on the Traffic Solutions Focus Group page of the Parish Council website.

    HCC has asked for the views of the Parish Council, on some of its proposals, and following feedback at a meeting with representatives of the Twyford Traffic Solutions Focus Group also requested residents' feedback on two signage changes sought by the Focus Group.

    Key changes on which your views are sought are listed below, with the current recommendation of the Focus Group to the Parish Council. Comments are sought before the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 28th April at which members of the public may also make personal representations.

    1. Replacement of the existing black bollards with bright yellow ones, at the informal crossing of the High Street by the Queen Street exit to make the crossing point more visible to motorists.
    HCC proposal supported.

    Your Comments:

    2. Removal of sign warning of horses (positioned near the informal crossing) [another sign is located just before the 30 mph zone and was outside the area reviewed by HCC].
    HCC proposal not supported, users of the stables advise they do use the High Street to reach or leave Queen Street and Park Lane.

    Your Comments:

    3. Remove existing directional sign at entrance to Shipley Road and replace with new street name plate. HCC were advised the Parish Council has already agreed this change with Winchester City Council.

    4. Replacement of 'Road Narrows' and 'No Footway for 400 yards' triangular warning signs in Finches Lane and Shawford Road and replacement by the same warnings on a rectangular sign giving a yellow background to the triangles.
    HCC proposal supported.

    Your Comments:

    5. Proposal to use temporary signs in the section of road at 4 above, (that would need to periodically change locations) to highlight lack of footway and pedestrian activity. Such signage has been created to improve safety in a similar location in Hampshire. Note - this signage would have to be funded by the Parish Council.
    HCC proposal supported.

    Your Comments:

    The following signage change is acceptable to HCC if the Parish Council confirms that it has the support of residents especially those living in the immediate vicinity.

    6. Request that proposed new warning signs of Road Narrows and Double Bend on the High Street approaches to the section between the Queen Street exit and Brewers Lane have a yellow surround to give them greater prominence (as in 4 above).

    Your Comments:

    7. HCC suggest use of periodic "Think. This is a 30MPH limit. " signs
    HCC proposals are supported except at the approaches to the informal crossing and double bend where the Focus Group ask that the warning sign include an advisory speed of 20mph.

    Your Comments:

    Other matters of Concern

    8. HCC propose to remove all warning signs in the High Street that refer to Pedestrians Crossing (see this none Twyford example). HCC proposal not supported.

    In the absence of a history of serious casualties more costly measures will not be taken. Please give your views:

    9. Are you satisfied that proposals for the approach to Norris's Bridge wil provide adequate safety for pedestrians?

    10. Are you satisfied that proposals for the High Street will reduce the speed of traffic passing through the village and improve the safety of pedestrians?

    11. Are you satisfied that the chevron that once existed on the High Street near Park Lane will not be replaced and new double bend signs are sufficient?