Twyford – an overview

Twyford is defined by its landscape and heritage, by the built environment and by the people who live in the Parish.  Most recently, its inclusion within the South Downs National Park establishes its role in policy terms.

Twyford has a strong sense of place, continuity and community.  It is one of the most popular villages in Hampshire because of its range of amenities, its outstanding environment, proximity to the historic city of Winchester and good road and rail access to London and the South.

Twyford’s downland landscape gives it a rich biological diversity.  The River Itchen and much of its water meadows are of European and national importance.  Twyford has good areas of downland which have survived without ploughing, especially Twyford Down, Hockley Golf Course and Watley Down. There are ancient woodlands at Gabriel’s Copse, Cockscomb Hill Copse, Roundbushes Copse and Hazeley Copse.  Around the village and within it are small fields, open spaces and large gardens – the historic setting of the ancient village.

Twyford has an outstanding heritage. The village shows evidence of continuous occupation, perhaps as far back as the Bronze Age (2000 BC).  The church is thought to stand on a ritual site from the Iron Age (1200 BC).  An early Saxon cemetery with 6th Century burial goods was discovered in the village  in 2008; the written records date from about 900 AD and are continuous from 1108 AD. There are seven Ancient Monuments within the parish and around 70 Listed Buildings.

Nearest Jobcentre office

To find your nearest Jobcentre Office, please visit the following website: https://www.jobcentrejobs.co.uk

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Twyford Meads: Phase 2 : Restoration project to begin in mid September

In mid September 2019, the second phase of work is due to start on the restoration of the water meadows on Twyford Meads. Ditches will be cleared, structures rebuilt and land reformed. Aquascience, who carried out phase 1 (the new steps in the Locks) will again be the main contractor.

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New Signs at Compton Lock

In an article in the Hampshire Chronicle dated Thursday, August 15th 2019, it states that ‘New signs have been put up at Compton Lock in a bid to tackle problems with litter and anti-social behaviour.’

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Restoration of the Water Meadows – more funding

In an article in the Hampshire Chronicle dated Thursday, August 15th 2019 it states that ‘County chiefs have granted a budget of £4,800 towards a restoration project.’

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