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Recreation committee

Recreation Terms of Reference

Committee members:

Cllr Ian Wheeler – Chair

Cllr Jade Cornwall

Cllr Sue Cook

Cllr Waine Lawton

Cllr Forder-Stent

Cllr Richard Sellars

Cllr Steve Pullen



2017/18 Meeting Dates, Agenda or Minutes

13th April  DRAFT Recreation Committee Minutes April 13th 2017

25th May [postponed to 15 June] Draft Minutes for website Recreation Committee 15th June 2017

27th July Draft Minutes Rec Committee 27th July 2017

28th September Draft Minutes for Recreation Committee 28th September 2017

23rd November Draft Minutes for Recreation Committee 23rd November

18th January

22nd March


2016/17 Meeting Dates, Agenda or Minutes

27th April [Pavilion] – Recreation Committee Minutes April 2016

23rd June – [Pavilion] –  Meeting Postponed

29th June – [Pavilion] Postponed meeting could not proceed due to lack of a quorum

21st July – [Pavilion] Postponed meeting could not proceed due to lack of a quorum

11th August [Pavilion] Minutes-for-Recreation-Committee-August-2016

29th September – Minutes of Recreation Committee meeting 29th September 2016

27th October – [Gilbert Room] Cancelled on 29 Sept.

12th January 2017 [Gilbert Room – new date set on 29 Sept]. Draft Minutes of Recreation Committee meeting 12th January 2017.doc

9th February 2017 – [Gilbert Room] Cancelled

9th March 2017 [Gilbert Room] Draft Minutes for Recreation Committee March 9th 2017

Dates for 2017/18 are 25 May, 27 July, 28 September, 23 November, 25 January and 22 March.

 2015/16 Minutes

12th March  – Recreation Minutes March 2015

23rd April  – Recreation Minutes April 2015

24th September –  Recreation Minutes Sept 15

22nd October –Recreation Minutes October 2015

4th February 2016 Recreation Minutes Feb 16

17th March 2016 – Recreation Minutes March

2014/15 Minutes

10th July –Recreation Minutes 10July14

2nd October – Recreation Minutes October 2014

12th November – Recreation Minutes Nov. 2014

2013 Minutes

Minutes November 2013

Minutes July 2013