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Full Parish Council:

Key Governance Documents

Standing Orders: Twyford Parish Council Standing-Orders May 2017 – Issued & on Web

Financial Regulations: Twyford Parish Council Financial Regulations May 2017 – issued & on web

Code of Conduct: Twyford Parish Council Code of Conduct May 2017 – Issued & on Web

Statement of Assets: Hunter Park and the Northfields play area consist of  land, buildings and equipment; and other Parish Council land is located at Twyford Meads and Berry Meadow, both within Twyford Parish. The map below shows the locations as follows: Meads (A), Berry Meadow (B), Northfields (C) Hunter Park (D)

Annotated Asset map

Financial Risk Register: Twyford Parish Council Financial Risk Assessment as at 25th May 2017

Accounting Records and Financial Statements for the Financial Year 2016/17

Public Rights to Inspect Accounting Records

Notice of Public Rights to Inspect Accounting Records

Summary of Public Rights

Governance Statement 2016/17 Annual Governance Statement 2016-17

Annual Financial Statements 2016/17 – Subject to External Audit Accounting Statements 2016-17 SUBJECT TO EXTERNAL AUDIT

Report of the  Internal Auditor – Financial year 2016/17 Internal Audit Report 2016-17

Receipts and Payments accounts for 2016/17, prior year figures and budget for 2017/18: Year end R&P Accounts

Full Parish Council Meeting dates 2017/18 

20th April Approved minutes: Approved Minutes for FPC 20 April 2017

25th April – Extraordinary Meeting – Confidential Item – re Draft Twyford Neighbourhood Plan – CANCELLED

18th May AGM  POSTPONED – Changed on 20 April to 25th May

25th May – DRAFT Minutes – Draft Minutes for FPC AGM 25 May 2017

22nd June – DRAFT Minutes –  MINUTES 22 JUNE 2017

20th July – Minutes – TPC Minutes

3rd August  TPC DRAFT Minutes 3rd August 2017 – PUBLISHED

21st September Draft minutes FPC 21st September 2017

19th October Minutes for FPC 19th October 2017 approved.

16th November Minutes for FPC 16th November 2017 published

14th December  Agenda for FPC 14th December 2017


25th January

15th February

15th March

19th April

24th May (AGM)


Full Parish Council meetings for 2016/17

21st April – Approved FPC Minutes – April 2016

19th May – Approved Minutes for May FPC AGM

16 June – Approved Minutes for FPC June 16th 2016

14th July – Approved-minutes-for-FPC-July-14th-2016 TWYFORD 2016-17 Receipts and Payments Accounts for Q1

4th August Extraordinary Meeting: Approved-minutes-for-FPC-extraordinary-meeting-4th-August-2016

8th September – Approved-minutes-for-Full Parish Council meeting -8-September-2016

13th October –Approved-minutes-for-FPC-13-October-2016


8th December – Minutes for FPC 8 Dec 2016

19th January – Approved Minutes for FPC 19 Jan 2017

9th February – Approved Minutes for Extraordinary FPC meeting 2017 [excluding Confidential text]

23rd February – Draft Minutes for FPC meeting Feb 2017

2nd March – Extra-ordinary Meeting Agenda for Extraordinary FPC meeting March 2nd 2017

23rd March – DRAFT MINUTES for FPC 23rd March 2017 v2

Annual Return for the year ended 2015/16

Notice of Conclusion of Audit, Annual Governance Statement 2015/16, Accounting Statements 2015/16 and External auditor certificate and report 2015/16



Full Parish Council meetings for 2015/16

9th April – FPC Minutes April 2015

FPC Minutes May 2015 AGM

18th June – Minutes June 2015

16th July – FPC Minutes July 15

10th September FPC Minutes Sept 2015

15th October  FPC Minutes Oct15

3rd December  FPC Minutes Dec15

21st January 2016 FPC Minutes January 2016

18th February FPC Minutes Feb 2016

24th March FPC Minutes March 2016

21st April – Approved FPC Minutes – April 2016

Full Parish Council meeting dates for 2014/15: 

10th May- FPC Minutes 10thMay2014 

15th May – AGM FPC Minutes AGM 15th May 2014

28th May – Annual Parish Meeting

19th June  – FPC Minutes June 

17th July – FPC MinutesJuly14

11th September DRAFT – FPC Minutes 11 Sept 2014

23rd October AGENDA – FPC Minutes 23Oct2014

27th November FPC Minutes Nov2014

22nd January 2015  FPC Minutes Jan15

26th February  FPC Minutes Feb15


Past minutes:


Twyford APA May 2013

April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

January 2014:

February 2014 – Draft